Go forth and multiply your stores!
Feb. 9, 2024

Go forth and multiply your stores!

Three new Worship.Coffee stores are coming soon! All coffee aficionados of Vrilissia, Marousi and Psychico will soon be able to get their worshipped coffee and godly snack bites from our new stores. We are positive that they will immediately shine as instant classics in their new neighborhoods. Just imagine lounging in the big luxurious couch at Worship.Coffee Vrilissia; or pit-stopping for a coffe’n’snack break during your stroll in the market of Marousi; or meeting with your friends at Worship.Coffee Psychiko.

Of course, all Worship.Coffee favorites apply: A rich sweet and savory snack menu, divine beverages, along with our worshipped coffee from selected, sacred 100% Arabica beans.

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